Welcome to the University of Exeter online accommodation service.
This site allows you to apply for accommodation and manage your application.


New Students

Applications for students joining us for the 2017/18 academic year will open on Monday 10 April 2017. New students will be able to activate an accommodation account during early April 2017.

Returning Students

We have introduced a new accommodation portal for 2017/18. All applications will made via the new accommodation portal. You are recommended to review our returning students webpages where we advise who can apply, and when.

If you already have an accommodation account active, you will need to use the same login details as you have previously. If you have not previously applied for accommodation you will need to use the First Visit section to validate your account in order to apply.


We will have accommodation available from 17 June until 2 September 2017 if you are a registered student and require accommodation for the summer. Full details will be available from the beginning of the summer term on the accommodation website. If you have not previously applied for accommodation you will need to use the First Visit section to validate your account in order to apply.

If you meet the criteria for early arrival, (please see the final option towards bottom of the page), you may submit an application for consideration.


If you require accommodation for the current academic year, you may make an application via the link below. You may review our current vacancies for an idea of what is available; vacancies can change so we cannot guarantee to offer you your preferred choice. Please submit your application so that we can review your request, we will then contact you with further details of availability.

First Visit?

If this is your first visit to the site, you will need to activate your account and choose a password. You will then be emailed a validation code that you will require to log into the system for the first time.

Please use an email account that you will be able access until at least October and make sure that your security settings permit emails to be received from '@exeter.ac.uk' addresses otherwise our correspondence may be treated as SPAM mail (particularly if you have a hotmail or AOL account).

Lost Your Password

If you have already activated your account but have forgotten your password you can request a new password.

Log In

Once you have activated your account, to log in, please fill in the details below.

Email address
Validation Code (required on 1st Login only)

Please Note: You will need to activate your account FIRST and obtain a validation code (via e-mail).

(After your account has been validated and you have logged in successfully, the validation code does not need to be entered. You will be able to log in with solely your email and password).